Cookies and Related Technologies Notice
1. Introduction
Radisson Hospitality Belgium BV/SRL and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Radisson”) use Cookies and related technologies (such as web beacons, pixel tags and Flash objects) (“Cookies”) on this website. This allows us to collect information about users over time and across different websites, mobile applications, and other services. We also authorize third parties to collect information this way.
This website includes links to third-party websites, plug-ins and applications. Clicking on those links or enabling those connections may allow third parties to collect or share data about you. Where you have opted-in to Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies, Advertising/Targeting Cookie, and/or Social Media Cookies, it may be possible for third-party websites to track your browsing behaviour when you leave this website. You can opt out of these cookies at any time using our Cookie Preferences Centre available at the footer of every page on the website. We do not control third-party websites and are not responsible for their privacy statements. When you leave our website, we encourage you to read the privacy notice of every website you visit.

2. What are Cookies?
“Cookies” are small alphanumeric files stored on a user’s device (computer, smartphone, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) while using a website. Your device will keep it for a certain period of time and return it to the web server each time you reconnect to it. The uses of Cookies are multiple: they can serve to memorize your customer identification on a commercial site or the current stage and details of your reservation, to follow your browsing activities for statistical or advertising purposes, etc. Cookies vary in their purpose and duration. For instance, Cookies may be necessary for the website to work or to provide functionality and performance, while some provide us with information about your browsing history or how long you stay on a page. Additionally, some Cookies can be first party Cookies (set by Radisson) or third party (set by other companies). To learn more about Cookies, visit
3. What types of Cookies do we use and how long do they last?
The section below describes in detail the categories of Cookies that we use on our website and the reason for which we use them. Generally, Cookies can be categorized:

By their purpose:

• Necessary Cookies: Necessary Cookies are required to enable the basic features of a website to function. They are set to provide a service you have requested, such as logging in to your profile, making a reservation, or remembering the preferences you set in your profile. Necessary Cookies are also enabled for security reasons, such as preventing the fraudulent use of your login credentials and to protect our servers and your data from unauthorized users. These are always active on the website.

• Performance Cookies: These Cookies allow us to collect information to improve our website and identify any problems that you may have faced while visiting us. We also use these Cookies for statistical and analytics information, for example to see how many visitors our website received or to identify our most popular pages and content. These are only used if you consent to them in the Cookie Preference centre.

• Functional Cookies: These Cookies enable the website to provide enhanced functions and personalization, such as remembering your location, your chosen language or other settings to provide a personalised user experience. These are only used if you consent to them in the Cookie Preference centre.

• Advertising/Targeting Cookies: These Cookies enable us to better understand your usage habits, interactions and preferences. They can be set by us and/or our partners to create a profile of your interests and to offer you relevant advertising that we believe will be relevant for you. These are only used if you consent to them in the Cookie Preference centre.

• Social Media Cookies: These Cookies are set by a number of social media services to allow you to share our content with your network, to see social media videos embedded on our website and to enjoy a more personalised browsing experience on social media by enabling social networks to create a profile of your interests. These are only used if you consent to them in the Cookie Preference centre.

By who sets them:

• First-party Cookies: These can be seen as Radisson’s own Cookies and are directly stored on your device by the website you visit. First-party Cookies provide various functions, such as recognizing you when you come back to our website, allowing you to log in to your accounts with your credentials, or remembering the stage and details of your ongoing reservation.

• Third-party Cookies: These are created by parties other than Radisson, essentially for tracking and advertising purposes. For instance, these Cookies can allow you to receive personal ads that match your interests.

By the period of time they remain active:

• Session Cookies: Session Cookies only last from the moment you start your visit on a website until you leave it or close your browser. Session Cookies contain information that is stored in a temporary memory location which is deleted after the session ends. Unlike other Cookies, session Cookies are never stored on your device. For instance, session Cookies will remember your hotel selection from one page to the other, until the booking is complete.

• Persistent Cookies: Persistent Cookies are not deleted when the session ends and will remain on your device for a period of time set by the Cookie provider. They generally help remember information, settings, preferences, or sign-on credentials that you have previously saved.

4. What Cookies are used on this site?
The list of Cookies used on this website can be found in the Cookie Privacy Preference Centre.
5. Is my consent required?
Necessary Cookies will always be active on your device, but we ask for your consent to place Performance, Functional, Advertising/Targeting and Social Media Cookies and other similar technologies on your device. If at any time you want to change your cookie settings, including withdrawing your consent to this processing, we would encourage you to do this via the links below. You may need to refresh the page before the changes to the settings take effect.
6. How to block Cookies?
On Our Website

You may choose whether our website uses Cookies. To submit your Cookie preferences, click the Cookie settings link in the footer below. Please note that our website is designed to work using Cookies and if your Cookies are disabled much of our website may not function properly or you will not be able to take full advantage of it.

In Your Browser

You may configure your browser to accept all Cookies, reject all Cookies, or notify you when a Cookie is sent. Each browser is different, so check the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to change your Cookie preferences. For example, in the Google Chrome browser, under the Tools menu, you can use the option “Clear Browsing Data” to delete Cookies and other site and plug-in data.

Advertising Cookies

If you would prefer to not receive personalized ads based on your browser or device usage, you may generally express your opt-out preference to no longer receive tailored advertisements. Please note that you will continue to see advertisements, but they will no longer be tailored to your interests.

To opt-out of interest-based advertising by participating companies in the following consumer choice mechanisms, please visit:

• Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)’s self-regulatory opt-out page ( and mobile application-based "AppChoices" download page (

• European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)'s consumer opt-out page (

• Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)’s self-regulatory opt-out page (

In the mobile environment, most mobile operating systems offer device-based opt-out choices that are transmitted to companies providing interest-based advertising. To set an opt-out preference for a mobile device identifier (such as Apple's IDFA or Android's GAID), visit the device manufacturer's current choice instructions pages, or read more about sending signals to limit ad tracking for your operating system here:

Please note that these settings must be performed on each device (including each web browser on each device) for which you wish to opt-out, and if you clear your Cookies or if you use a different browser or device, you will need to renew your opt-out preferences.

7. Additional information
Protecting your personal data is of utmost importance to us. Please review our Privacy Notice ( which explains how we collect, use and share your Personal Data, as well as your rights to request, access, rectify, erase, restrict, or object to how we process your Personal Data, and the right to data portability, as well as the process by which you may exercise your rights.
8. Changes to the notice
This notice may be subject to changes.

Last updated: October 2023