Traditional Shopska salad - 0.350g (7) 11,00

Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, red onion, green peppers, grated cow cheese, and parsley.

Caprese - 0.400g. (3;7;8) 15,00

Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fried spaghetti and pesto Genovese.

Caesar salad with crispy pancetta - 0.350g. (3;7) 20,00

Lettuce, crispy bacon, grilled chicken fillets, flakes of freshly grated Parmesan, classic Caesar dressing and herb croutons.

Lebanese salad - 0.300g. (3;8) 11,00

Bouquet of fresh salads on crispy bread, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, red onion, a palette of peppers and radishes, chickpeas and flavored with sumac spice.


Crispy squids - 0.350g. (3;4;7) 23,00

Breaded in soft semolina flour and herbs, served with homemade Aioli sauce

Risotto Fresh - 0.300g. (7;8) 14,00

Imperial rice with cubes of stewed fresh carrots and zucchini, sliced roasted almonds and Parmesan strips

Risotto with aromatic mushrooms and truffle paste - 0.300g. (7) 19,00

Arborio rice with mushrooms stewed in thyme, flavored with truffle paste and Parmesan

Pasta Carbonara - 0.300g. (3;7) 17,00

Fresh pasta with crispy pancetta, cream and egg, served with Parmesan strips.

Genovese pasta with pine nuts - 0.300g. (3;8) 14,00

Fresh pasta flavored with classic pesto Genovese, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan

Pasta with smoked salmon and delicate mascarpone cream - 0.300g. (3;4;7) 17,00

Fresh pasta with smoked salmon, mascarpone cream, capers and fresh arugula.

Soup of the day - 0.300g. 7,00


Mushrooms on homemade polenta with fried thyme - 0.350g. (7) 24,00

Stewed in white wine, dill, garlic and parsley

Vegetarian chickpea meatballs - 0.450g. (7) 14,00

In combination with tabbouleh salad with Arabic couscous and creamy garlic sauce, served with sumac spice, pomegranate seeds and fresh parsley

Sea bass fillet - 0.400g (4;7) 39,00

Served with marinated anchovies, dried tomatoes, fresh rosemary, capers and mashed potatoes cream

Norwegian salmon fillet - 0.350g. (4;7) 42,00

Served with a bouquet of grilled vegetables and Hollandaise sauce with lime, tangerine and yuzu citrus

Chicken fillets - 0.300g. (7) 23,00

In combination with asparagus and Béarnaise sauce on a sand of olives

Beef meatballs - 0.400g. (8) 20,00

In a combination of flavored with smoked peppers hummus, pomegranate seeds, fresh coriander and sumac spice

Tender veal medallions - 0.250g. (7) 44,00

With sauteed porcini and chanterelle mushrooms in Espagnole sauce and aromatic Provencal herbs

Grilled pork neck - 0.450g. (6) 21,00

Served with oven roasted potatoes with miso paste

Vegan burger - 0.450g. (6) 28,00

Vegan burger, fresh green salads, tomato, red onion and vegan mayonnaise, garnished with fried sweet potatoes flavored with aromatic herbs

Beef burger - 0.500g. (3;7) 26,00

Irish cheddar, tomato, fresh green salads, onion confit, smoked mayonnaise and fried potatoes flavored with aromatic herbs

Club sandwich with grilled chicken fillet and bacon - 0.600g. (3;7) 22,00

Irish cheddar, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, light mayonnaise and ketchup, garnished with potato sticks

Melanzane ciabatta - 0.300g. (7) 9,00

Crispy Italian ciabatta with grilled eggplant, Bulgarian cow cheese, fresh tomatoes and iceberg

Ciabatta with laksa - 0.300g. (4;7) 20,00

Freshly baked ciabatta with Philadelphia, combined with smoked salmon, avocado and arugula

Caprese ciabatta - 0.300g. (7;8) 14,00

Crispy Italian ciabatta with butter, combined with classic "Caprese" and pesto "Genovese


Coconut and white chocolate cake - 0.150g. (7;8) 13,00

Dates, coconut, almonds, honey, cream, condensed milk and mango sauce

Chia Panna Cotta - 0.180g. (7;8) 12,00

Garnished with almond crumble and strawberry coulis

Belgian chocolate mousse with crème brûlée - 0.150g. (7) 14,00

French chocolate mousse - 0.150g. (7) 10,00

From fine chocolate with cream, Baileys liqueur and fresh fruits


  • 1. Cereals containing gluten;
  • 2. Crustaceans and products thereof;
  • 3. Eggs and products thereof;
  • 4. Fish and products thereof;
  • 5. Peanuts and products thereof;
  • 6. Soybeans and procuts thereof;
  • 7. Milk and products thereof;
  • 8. Nuts;
  • 9. Celery and products thereof;
  • 10. Mustard and products thereof;
  • 11. Sesame seeds and products thereof;
  • 12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites;
  • 13. Lupin and products thereof;
  • 14. Molluscs and products thereof;