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Aroma relax - 60 min /whole body/ 60
Aroma relax - 30 min /partial/ 36

This is an unique combination of the therapeutic properties of the essential oils with the healing power of the massage. It relaxes, balances and harmonizes the body

Massage with aroma organic candles - 50 min /whole body/ 55
Massage with aroma organic candles - 30 min /partial/ 35

The warm essential oils and wax feel heavenly on your skin. The wax keeps the moisture and essential oils locked in, smoothing and healing your skin. The careful and gentle massage relaxes the body

Classic massage - 50 min 45

The massage is one of the oldest and most natural methods of healing and containing good health through relaxing body and mind. It's been scientifically proven that it established hormonal balance by reducing the release of cortisol, ''the stress hormone''. It also adjusts the level of melatonin, a hormone crucial to a good night sleep, and encourages the release of endorphins, which are the body's own natural pain killers

Partial massage - 30 min 30

The partial massage is aimed specifically to a well-defined part of the body. The ideal remedy in case of tensions in the cervical spine, or even in the event of heavy legs. If you want to dissolve individual parts of the body in a relatively short time, a partial massage is ideal to restore the harmony of the organism.

Healing massage with ultrasound - 30 min 35

It consists of precise manual techniques to remove the chronic pain in the upper, middle and lower back. Via ultrasound the therapist inserts the medicament in the affected area. The ultrasound waves relieve the pain and have an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect.

Anti-cellute massage - 30 min 35

This massage helps to prevent and eliminate the cellute. It can boost blood circulation and collagen production. The energetic technique helps to restore the affected area of the body and to revive the skin.

Deep tissue sports massage - 40 min 50

It is a special massage technique designed and oriented to professional athletes and active sportsmen. The massage increases flexibility, reduces fatigue and improves endurance.

Reflex therapy for feet - 30 min 40

The reflex therapy is a method for balancing and improving the way different organs and systems in the human body work using stimulation of different points and areas on the feet.

Neck massage collar - 20 min 25

It gives an excellent result in treating pain in the neck and the shoulders, by headache and bone spurs (osteophytes). It remits the depression and the tight muscles, resulted from tension. It also removes the physical fatigue caused by fierce exercise and relaxes the muscles.

Facial massage - 15 min 20

This massage enhances the skin complexion, stimulates the blood circulation, cleans and removes the dead skin cells. As a result of the massage the skin is young and elastic again.




Detoxification therapy - 50 min 55

This is an innovative program for body detoxification with a fluid iodine mask. The highly concentrated solution of brown algae rich in iodine has a powerful detoxifying effect. The therapy helps you to lose weight and restores the harmony in the body

Recovering therapy with magnesium - 45 min /whole body/ 45
Recovering therapy with magnesium - 35 min /partial/ 30

The transdermal method delivers high concentration of magnesium to the skin and helps for its direct absorption into the cells. This therapy improves sleep and calms muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms. It is also efficient for healthy skin, reduces outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis and helps for better relaxation and stress management. The procedure increases energy levels and athletic performance.

Nourishing sea mud therapy - 40 min 40

It is a rich in calcium and magnesium therapy, which has a significant anti stress and pain relief effect. The therapy also reduces muscle and joints aches

Algae therapy - 50 min 45

This therapy uses sea ingredients to revitalize the skin. Enjoy the sea aroma while the gentle mask nourishes your body with sea minerals, microelements, vitamins and amino acids.

Spa ritual “Atlantic” - 100 min 100

The therapy begins with a stay in the steam bath. The ritual consists of body exfoliation, mask application and a massage. The products are rich in algae, precious minerals and microelements. This ritual is an unique way for re-mineralization and recovery of the body

Perfect skin with a peeling glove - 60 min 50

A deep cleansing ritual without abrasive particles. The therapy clears the skin of unevennesses and in the same time stimulates the blood circulation. As a result the skin is perfectly clear and as soft as silk.

Red corals scrub for soft and gentle skin - 60 min 50

A luxury mix of red corals, sea crystals and algae, enriched with Brazil nut oil. As a result the skin is radiant, cleaned and recovered.

Coconut scrub - 60 min 50

This fragrant exfoliant contains grated coconut and algae. It polishes the skin in a delicate way, provides it with nutrients and makes it soft and gentle.

Relieved legs - 30 min 35

This therapy is the perfect solution for tired legs. The mask has a cooling and anti-swelling effect. It strengthens the capillaries and restores the sense of vitality and lightness

As a compliment for you each therapy ends with a cup of aromatic tea in the relax zone!


Collagen lief with stem cells - 30 min 35

A lifting with an immediate effect. The life-giving elixir of provitamin A and collagen stabilizes the connective tissue and provides the skin with a greater elasticity and hydration.

Oxygen awakening therapy - 50 min 60

This therapy revives the dehydrated and tired skin. The combination of sea plants extracts, sea minerals and microelements makes the face fresh and bright once again.

Hydrа-mineral therapy - 55 min 65

The therapy is suitable for all skin types. The deep hydration and mineralization is due to the ampulla Hydra Pro, the mineral booster and the alginate mask. As a result the skin is filled, renovated and tightened.

Delicate care - 40 min 45

This therapy is suitable for tender and sensitive skin. The combination of soft, gentle exfoliating foam and calming serum removes the redness of the skin and contracts the capillaries. The skin is protected from external influence.

Intensive nutrition - 50 min 50

The therapy provides the skin with precious nutrients and vitamins. The skin is soft, nourished and without a trace of tiredness.

Sea freshness and purity - 30 min 35

Express care with a mix of active sea ingredients. This therapy cleans the pores in depth, evens out the complexion and corrects the imperfections.

Tightening therapy '50+' - 55 min 60

This is a new generation therapy for skin rejuvenation using hyaluronic acid. The algae mask with active ingredients smooths out the wrinkles, hydrates and tightens the skin.

Mesotherapy with ultrasound and optional active ingredient - 30 min (Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera) 40

The ultrasound mesotherapy performs a micro massage on the tissues. It stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin, thus achieving brighter, smoother, younger skin and decreases the sizes of the pores. The procedure is quite gentle and is suitable even for delicate skin. In the end the face retrieves its radiance, elasticity and tightness.
The therapy consists of exfoliation of the skin, insertion of an active ingredient via ultrasound and final application of a cream.

Wellness Boutique

To continue your Wellness experience at home, all products used in out therapies are available at our Wellness boutique.


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