Aroma Relaxer - 30/60/80 min
55/80/100 BGN

Full body and head massage using a select range of essential oils, tailored to your individual needs, to either relax or invigorate body and mind.

Whole-body Exfoliation - 20 min
40 BGN

Full body exfoliation with a sugar scrub of your choice. Recommended for before and after sunbathing or as a preventive measure against fluid retention.

Herbal Therapy - 60 min
110 BGN

This special therapy uses heated poultices filled with herbs sourced from ecologically clean regions of Bulgaria - lavender, thyme, lemon balm, marigold, and mint. All possessing relaxing and healing properties. In addition to their aromatherapeutic effect, the poultices gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate your blood circulation. The warmed oil relaxes the muscles and enhances the sense of deep comfort and relaxation. Includes a full body massage and optional scalp massage.

Hot Stones Therapy - 50/80 min
90/120 BGN

Deeply relaxing and mind-clearing therapy, alleviating both mental stress and muscular tension, combining a hot volcanic stone and manual massage for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

А New Beginning - 50 min
75 BGN

A therapy tailored for expectant mothers who have completed their first trimester of pregnancy. Gentle massage in a comfortable, specially supported by cushions, position, using neutral almond oil and soothing fluid movements to promote relaxation and relieve strained muscles. An excellent way to prevent fluid retention and swelling in the lower limbs.

Whole-body exfoliation and massage - 80 min
100 BGN

Removing dead skin cells with a sugar scrub to improve your skin’s elasticity, followed by a warm shower and revitalizing full body massage.

The Bulgarian Rose Ritual - 80 min
120 BGN

Dry brushing of the entire body, followed by gentle exfoliation with a rose scrub, full body massage with rose oil, nourishing rose face mask and scalp massage.

The Coconut Ritual - 80 min
120 BGN

Dry brushing of the body followed by exfoliation with a coconut scrub, full body massage with cold-pressed coconut oil, nourishing coconut and aloe vera face mask and optional scalp massage with or without coconut oil.

Hugged by the Sea Therapy - 50 min
80 BGN

Dry brushing of the body followed by exfoliation with mineral sea scrub and 'Secrets of Seaweed' body mask. The mask is enriched with minerals and organic microelements extracted from seaweed, enhanced with turmeric and black pepper. The mask has a powerful detoxifying and draining effect. While the body is wrapped and warmed, a gentle scalp massage helps you relax further. After a warm shower to remove the product, the therapy concludes with the application of a hydrating body lotion.

Light Feet Therapy - 30 min
60 BGN

Calf mask with magnesium and foil wrapping for deep transdermal absorption to replenish magnesium deficiency in tired muscles. Recommended for individuals experiencing cramps and spasms, especially active athletes or those who spend extended periods standing. A foot massage is performed during the mask application. After removing the mask, a calf massage with magnesium oil is administered.


The Royal Treatment - 50 min
85 BGN

Two facial cleansings, toning, application of an ampoule concentrate with active ingredients for revitalization and radiance combined with ultrasound for deep tissue penetration, a massage with natural facial oil or massage cream, a mask selected based on your skin's specific needs, a scalp massage, eye cream, face serum and a rich facial moisturizer to help lock in the moisture and active ingredients.

Gua Sha Contouring - 40 min
75 BGN

Facial cleansing, massage with natural oil and two heart-shaped rose quartz Gua Sha crystals for sculpting the face, improving blood circulation in the tissues with a potent lifting and rejuvenating effect. Hydrating face mask with a lifting effect is then applied and followed by a scalp massage. Finally, a rich hydrating eye cream and facial moisturizer are applied.

Mini Facial Therapy - 30 min
60 BGN

Cleansing the face according to your skin type, followed by a massage and concluding with a nourishing mask and scalp massage.


The Swedish Classic - 30/50/80 min
50/70/95 BGN

An old relaxation favourite with light to medium pressure for complete relaxation and rest after a busy day or travel. Optional scalp massage.

Ultra Sound Therapy - 30 min
60 BGN

Application of a pain and inflammation relieving balm, aided by ultrasound for deeper penetration into the affected areas and followed by therapeutic massage.

Anti-cellulite massage - 30 min
60 BGN

Stimulating deep massage of areas with fat deposits, using a special cellulite melting and skin firming product along with vigorous massage techniques. For lasting and visible results, we recommend a series of therapies. Consult your therapist on the optimal number of sessions for your individual needs.

Partial massage (scalp, hands, neck, feet) - 20 min
40 BGN

Focusing on an area of your choice, aimed at relieving tension and pain or for destressing and relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage - 45 min
70 BGN

Dry brushing with a special brush to prepare the body and stimulate skin's metabolism, improve circulation and lymphatic flow, as well as remove dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin. This is followed by a gentle, lymphatic massage that supports the natural flow of fluids in the body.

Deep-tissue Massage - 40 min
80 BGN

Treatment of the back, shoulders and legs for athletes and everyone who enjoys deep tissue massage. Aids physical recovery and tissue regenaration.

We kindly ask for and appreciate prior bookings for all therapies.

Package offer: Fitness + thermal area – 35 BGN


Single visit
10 BGN

25 Visits
220 BGN


Single visit
30 BGN

10 Visits
250 BGN